Your first film to watch; a selection of some of the recent projects we have produced for clients. It's like a scrapbook, but more exciting.


Personal films are brilliant. They are always fun. Family get-togethers, parties, sports, almost anything! Save and show a beautiful slice of your life.



No matter its size, your business or corporation would look outstanding with its own film. Anything from training videos to promotional film, they can be shown in-house, at corporate events or proudly shown online. 



From events to charities, to small businesses, to special offers. Whatever it is you need people to know about, film is an attractive way to promote your message. Your film will be completely tailored to the style of the occasion and will be an exceptional marketing tool.


Short film

One of the foundational areas of SixthDay Film is the production of short film. Both documentaries and fiction have rolled out of our doors and into film festivals. We would love to chat through your ideas and see what collaborations could work. Equally, if you are in need of crew for your production we might have the professionals you're looking for...



Music doesn't just have to sound great, it can also look stunning. Your music can have a live gig shoot, an acoustic film, a music video or a lyric video. Our aim is to get you looking as outstanding as you sound.