Privacy Policy

We’ve got our cameras out today, and think you look fabulous! Before we start snapping away, we want to make sure you know how these images will be stored and used, and to ask your permission to proceed.

SixthDay Film is fully compliant with the GDPR Act 2018. Images and any personal information are stored securely (password protected) and cannot be accessed by anyone other than SixthDay Film and the event organisers (if you're at an organised event). 

SixthDay Film retains copyright of images taken by its associates, and if it’s a great shot we may use them on our website or on accounts associated with SixthDay Film (such as its social media pages, YouTube, Vimeo, etc), or on website/accounts associated with our clients. You may even make it onto the next showreel!

Please note that you can revoke (cancel) your permission at any point. To do so, simply click here or email

If you have any questions about this policy, please do speak to one of our team or contact us! 

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