So, who are you..?

It is fantastic to see so many churches using websites, social media and videos to engage with more people. Websites with actual photos or videos of their activities and the people are brilliant at portraying who they are! SixthDay Film does a lot of film production and photography for churches in Southampton, Hampshire, all over the UK and in Europe. 

Whether you're after a video for social media that tells us what you believe, photos for your website that show who you are, regular news shows keeping your congregation updated, or a high-vibe intro video for your Sunday services... talk to us about it! Below are some examples of work we've done for churches...


Website photography

Don't just say who you are - show it! Have images for every page of your website, without having those cheesy stock images...

vision video

Share the vision of your church or event, targeted at your audience...

intro/welcome video

These are excellent for letting people know that the meeting is about to begin, to get people pumped for what's about to come and to give guests some insight into what they've let themselves in for!

regular news updates

Great for keeping your congregation updated with everything that goes on in your church - keeps notices interesting!

Event commercial

Alpha Course? Easter Service? Prayer Night? Get people inspired to come along, and give them a video to share on social media to invite their friends...


A great way of telling and keeping stories of what God has done.